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Untapped Potential in Hybrid Retail

The retail industry is changing, and there is now a greater gap between online and in-store shopping experiences. Hybrid retail, which seamlessly integrates physical and digital channels, presents a significant growth opportunity. As consumers' shopping habits change, there is an increasing demand for a blend of both online and in-store experiences.

Unique Positioning

Shopper's Unique Positioning:

​We offer a user-friendly platform for local retailers to embrace digital transformation.

Our solution bridges the gap between online discovery and in-store purchases.

Many eCommerce solutions are available, yet very few focus on local retailers, and none offer unique features exclusively designed to cater to the local retailers' requirements.

Competitive Landscape

Competitive Differentiation:

Shopper's platform prioritizes local retailing and is designed for easy use by retailers with no technical knowledge.

Statistics and Projections

Market Size:

The hybrid retail market is projected to reach  $177.90 billion by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 20.3% from 2022 to 2031. Driven by the melding of online and offline retail experiences.


Customer Base:

With over 1 million retail stores in the US alone, the potential customer base for Shopper's platform is substantial.

Revenue Potential:

Capturing just 1% of the market could translate to $1.7 billion in transaction volume, showcasing the immense revenue potential.

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