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Success Stories

Shopper is testing a beta platform in Israel with the goal of uncovering the hybrid retail ecosystem.



Imagine finding your desired products with just a simple Google search and being able to buy them locally. That's the future we're offering.

To gather diverse insights, we're conducting trials in five large mall stores and four street shops in a regular city.

The results are in: local engagement is stronger in residential areas.
Check it out for yourself.

Results of the pilot

*100% anonymous, GDPR, and CCPA compliant. Check out the detailed map view below.

Map View

Map View

The data above reflects only 24% of all visits

This map only shows 24% of all visits. Imagine the full potential.

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Organic Growth at Its Finest

Zero marketing spend and 100% organic traffic.


By allowing Google users to discover local results in their regular searches.

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Local Footfall Guaranteed

Over 90% of visitors come from the nearby area, ensuring a steady stream of customers for participating stores.

Limitless Potential

We've only just begun. With just 10% of shop inventory onboarded, the sky's the limit for growth. The more content, the more popular, and the higher it ranks in search results.

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